VIRGO is one of the first companies which works directly with „Partners of Science“  to develop innovative and ecological technologies for the benefit of Man, Nature and the Environment.

VIRGO works intensively with IP Owners and Research Institutes to protect and market their technology.

VIRGO develops global Sales and Marketing Plans in many sectors to ensure profitable delivery of these technologies.

VIRGO Holding GmbH has positioned itself as a  „Technical Innovator & Solution Finder“ communicating to all relevant decision makers and opinion leaders, such as Governments, Investors, Distributors and the Not-For-Profit Sector


VIRGO uses its know-how and experience to develop sustainable products and technologies that are able to solve ecological and social problems, increase value-added and at the same time improve people’s quality of life. Corporate responsibility (CR) is a central element of VIRGO’s core business. The company’s goal is to bring in line economic, ecological and social aspects within its corporate strategy.

The company’s CR activities focus on environmental and climate protection, preventing pollutions, innovative
recycling methods and support of research projects. All measures are linked to the core business or should benefit it in the long term. From technical solutions to ecological-friendly high-performance products.

VIRGO not only taps new markets with its range of innovative products and technologies, it also makes an important contribution to meeting global challenges.



Sustainable economical success is impossible without a careful approach to the environment and society. This conviction is part of VIRGO’s philosophy. The guiding principle of sustainable development is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy, i.e. every business decision takes account of the company’s responsibility for humankind, the environment and capital. This helps to identify risks at an early stage and at the same time further expand business.


Our >Partners of Science< are experienced researchers pushing the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better. Our international network of scientists work on a range of applied and exploratory research projects to help clients, governments and investors apply scientific breakthroughs to solve environmental and ecological challenges.

Through this scientific background VIRGO is capable to provide precise scientific and technical consulting
to all subjects related to our projects.




The issues of environmental and climate protection are at the very top of the global political agenda. Limiting the consequences of environmental pollution, climate change and preserving essential natural resources for future generations are among the most pressing challenges faced by industry and society today.
VIRGO is aiming to make our planet a cleaner and better place. A wide range of innovative technologies and products enable our company to play a significant role in helping to shape a sustainable future.



For any further information please get in contact with us. We will provide detailed and precise consulting and commercial information. We will advise on your specific request or application.