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The very nature of the Virgo Business Model offers the potential private, corporate or institutional investor many varied opportunities. Depending on an investors sector preference, the various projects in which Virgo is involved may well offer a suitable investment possibility for the sophisticated investor.

As we are all very aware, the market for technological innovations to solve urgent environmental problems is one of the most promising future markets but this must also be economically viable or it will simply not make sense in today’s tough economic climate.

At Virgo, our Executives have carried out Feasibility Studies for all of our Investment Opportunities. We not only bring together IP Owners and Investors but we also undertake our own direct investments.
As we have in depth knowledge of each project which we are involved with, we are perfectly positioned to advise on not only the risk profile of a particular investment but more importantly the positive synergetic affect the any particular investment may have. This is exactly what we try to match.

Please feel free to get in touch with to talk about the many investment opportunities. Your enquiry will of course be treated confidentially.