Our partner MPC Miniature Power Cells is building energy harvesting applications for your products. Precisely  fitting. MPC is the first brand manufacturer of energy harvesting applications based on small solar panels for the integration into standalone devices and small systems. For sectors such as mobile communications, electronics, building services engineering, consumer and entertainment electronics.
MPC produces exactly the energy harvesting applications  you need: their OEM production is adjusted for requirements
that have never been completely met by any manufacturer before:



MPC's  energy harvesting applications provide:

  • up to 50% more power than comparable crystalline modules from competitors with the same surface area.
  • up to 200% more power than comparable thin-film modules with the same surface area
  • high degree of ruggedness, UV- and weather resistance – therefore minimum degree of automation
  • consistently high-quality – even with large quantities thanks to maximum degree of automation
  • excellent value for money!


Your advantages:

  • Custom designed modules
    They manufacture energy harvesting applications tailored precisely to your specific requirements. Versatile and configurable. In the power range of approx. 10 mWp to 50 Wp. At a competitive price.
  • Optimum system integration – only from MPC!
    They adjust the material, design and performance of your module to your system in the best possible way.
    Here you benefit from many years of experience in system integration.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing standards
    The entire production is highly automated and performed according to standards that ensure a consistently high quality.
  • Based on German standards Including manufacturer‘s warranty.


Applications for innovative and sustainable energy concepts:


  • Mobile phones and smartphones, especially luxury mobile phones
  • PDAs, MP3 players, mobile games, headsets, accessories
  • Intelligent clothing and bags (e.g. with integrated rechargable batteries and terminal equipment)
  • Dive computers and other watertight applications
  • Top-quality lighting (outdoor designer lights, camping lights, boats, house numbers)
  • Battery chargers (mobile phone/notebook chargers, car/boat battery chargers)
  • GPS devices, cyclometes etc.
  • Sighting telescopes, military products


New ideas for top-quality solar modules.

Our customers want top-quality solar modules with precisely defined product properties.
Including optimum technology and excellent design. That’s what we produce.


  • Sustainability and a long life cycle
    We supply solar modules that will give you a competitive edge in the market.
  • Innovative technology
    You benefit from the patented know-how of an independent manufacturer in Germany.
  • Warranty
    We supply high-tech products with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Made in Germany
    High-tech energy harvesting applications at a competitive price.

MPC achieves a consistently high quality by:

  • exclusively using top-quality and high-efficiency solar cells
  • using novel, top quality materials for the substrate and encapsulation
  • highly automated “chip-on-board” production


Through personalising solar power for the global community, this new solar technology is enhancing the mobility and lifestyle of individuals throughout the world.


VIRGO is a leading global partner for distributing MPC Panels worldwide.


For any further information please get in contact with us. We will provide detailed and precise technical and commercial information. We will advise on your specific application for this innovative technology.