Biodegradable plastics will be the solution to one of our most harmful environmental problems, plastics pollution. As a result of eight years of extensive research our partner Advanced Enzyme Science Limited (AESL) has developed an enzyme based composition which promotes an enzymatic reaction within polythene (PE) and other synthetic polymers, accelerating the process of biodegradation.


  The most important benefits of this new kind of polymers are its much better load-bearing capacity, compared to maize based materials, on the one hand, and the 100% compostability and biodegradability on the other. 



Studies of degradation of enzymoplast material


 70 % Biodegradation in 150 days  

90 % Biodegradation in 180 days.

Bio mass having biodegraded poly-ethelene showing growth of plants.


enzymoplast - a revolutionary and safe product

  • The formulation, the master batch and the finished product are all tested according to the applicable EN 13432:2000 standard. The Formulation of the Protein Enzyme based substrate is absolutely unique and consists of 13 ingredients narrowed down to the enzyme, protein and bacteria compound drawn mainly from natural resources and medicinal plants to make this process methodology/technology non-hazardous and non-toxic. This material is using Nature to solve a Man made problem!


  • The finished biodegradable product features the same mechanical and optical properties as standard products manufactured from High or Low Density polyethylene and other polyolefins.


  • This product is available and affordable and can be processed on existing machinery.


VIRGO is a leading global partner of Enzymoplast for distributing their products worldwide.



For any further information please get in contact with us. We will provide detailed and precise technical and commercial information. We will advise on your specific application of this technology.