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VIRGO proudly presents one of the most revolutionary Fire extinguisher system for personal protection and safety: Fire2Ice

What is the secret of this cutting-edge water soluble fire extinguishing agent? Besides having high performance of fire extinguishing capability, its neutral PH value and use of nontoxic natural ingredients have contributed to the fact that it will not cause any destruction or hazard to the earth and human body.


Compared to existing products Fire2Ice - improves efficiency with speed, saves critical time by 2/3 and saves cost by 2/3.

The main ingredients of this water soluble fine bubble fire extinguishing agent is based primarily on natural plant cellulose, which will convert to organic fertilizer after the biological degradation process when it falls into the soil and meets with germs. At present, it is the most environmentally friendly firefighting compound that can be treated afterwards with great convenience.

The main features of this highly effective product include “quick fire extinguishing”, “fast heat reducing”, “non-recombustible” and “environmentally friendly”. Because of its good water retaining feature, which enables quick heat reduction on the burning object, and reduces the chance of repeat combustion, it significantly reduces lethal toxic smoke, reduces the area in flame, and reduces loss to property and human life.




  • Reduces core fire temperature instantaneously 
  • Up to 200% or faster in extinguishing flames compared to similar products on the market. 
  • Inherent fire retardant properties to stop fires reigniting.
  • Low pressure canister, that will withstand temperatures of over 80 degrees Celsius without effect.
  • Non-corrosive, 100% toxic free & biodegradable.
  • PH neutral, will not harm if sprayed on skin and does not leave any residues or waste.
  • Safe working range from 3.5m
  • Patented product and SGS approved



Buildings and public places

  • Community firefighting system
  • Industrial facility fire extinguishing system
  • Building fire extinguishing systems


Application to special facilities

  • Oil well / oil field
  • Airport runway
  • Ammunition depot

Application to special environment

  • Harbor firefighting
  • Forest firefighting


Application to special carriers

  • Fire truck
  • Firefighting airplanes
  • Ocean liner / Cargo ship firefighting

Further Applications

  • Household kitchen
  • Automobiles
  • Large vehicles
  • Mass transportation
  • Hotels
  • Yachts

VIRGO is a leading global partner for distributing Fire2Ice worldwide.


For any further information please get in contact with us. We will provide detailed and precise technical and commercial information. We will advise on your specific application for this ground breaking technology.